SESSION 1  | 17:00

This 17:00 session focuses on the forward splits and straddle position. We are propping our back leg at a 90 degree angle against a block to make sure the hips stay square during our splits, and using a slider under the front foot to encourage the gymnasts to sink into deeper positions.

During each split, we will go through a few different dynamic exercises that will challenge your split flexibility with movement!

SESSION 2  | 12:00

This 12:00 stretch focuses on keeping the hips square during right and left forward splits and increasing the range of motion in middle split positions.

SESSION 3  | 14:00

This 14:00 over stretch will challenge how square you can keep your hips in each of your forward splits, how much you can relax during middle splits, and spend time working on your toe point.

We’ll focus on:
Right and left side forward splits
Middle split
Toe point stretch

As always, make sure to modify any positions, splits, or stretches to best fit your personal ability level! You should always play these things safe, easing yourself into these stretches, and never pushing yourself to an unsafe range of motion.

SESSION 4  | 13:00

This stretching session is 13:00 and you'll need a block (if your splits aren't quite flexible yet, no worries, just do them on the floor instead!) and a partner!

Areas of Focus:

1. Right Side Forward Split with Hips Squared
2. Left Side Forward Split with Hips Squared
3. Middle Split
4. Partner Pike Stretch with Feet Flexed
5. Partner Shoulders (Bench Tricep Stretch)