Designed to improve gymnastics ability by targeting body-weight strength, mobility, and challenging coordination through training artistic gymnastics exercises, with a focus on movement integrity.


Last week, after attending your seminar, Adela and I were talking to each other, how inspiring it is what you do. You shared some difficult things with us on your career, and we walked out of the session just thinking: you are so much more than a (exceptional) gymnastics coach. You are improving people’s lives, you help them to get better, you share your knowledge and experience. You make a difference. And no one asked you to do it, you do it because you want to.

We are both happy to have met you, and can’t wait to see what’s next for Breazeal Gymnastics.

Christoph Mues, Seminar Attendee

First off let me start and say this seminar is for everyone, regardless of knowledge ability and efficiency of your gymnastics everyone can benefit.

The amount of time she took to answer questions and provide feedback was incredible. If we didn’t understand or needed an example she took the time to show us or explained it differently so we could all understand.

Side note: the seminar is worth every penny. You will not find another specialty course for this price where you get this much attention and feedback.

CF Eclectic is already talking about having her back to teach us more.

Michael Emond, Owner of CrossFit Eclectic

Kati's seminar was very well done. She is very knowledgeable and thorough with her teaching methods. This seminar for athletes of all levels as well as coaches looking to hone in their coaching eye. On a personal note, I've been doing CrossFit for 5 years and been doing handstand pushups, kipping pull-ups, and bar muscleups for most of that time. Not only did she help my efficiency of technique, but also helped me get my first ever butterfly pull-ups! I hope to have Kati host a seminar at my home gym soon!

Mark Eubanks, Seminar Attendee

I wanted to wait and write my review until I got home from Kati’s live seminar and applied a few things. The first day I practiced, I nailed a skill that has perplexed me for months- the bar muscle up using Kati’s glide kip technique. I have followed her IG page and applied the tutorials, but having personal live one on one feedback was invaluable! She keeps class size small and has ample opportunity to address the class and the individual. As a gymnast, she also knows the importance of mindset and mental preparation and execution. The class was worth every penny and I encourage anyone who aspires to improve their gymnastics skill set to find a course, take a friend and GO!

Kerri Fulton Sundy, Seminar Attendee

I took Kati's class yesterday. I can't say enough good things about it. I have only been doing CrossFit for 6 months. I learned so much. I was able to get my first handstand push-ups and butterfly pull-ups. She was excellent in breaking down the movements and explaining everything. The class size was small and I got a lot of one on one attention. She is an amazing teacher.

Lisa Pflughoeft-Goetz, Seminar Attendee

Kati was so awesome! Not only was she super personable but also fun and easy to listen to! I had so many lightbulb moments throughout the day and learned a lot of great cues and tools for coaching my own athletes! If you’re looking for a wonderful way to invest in your athletes’ performance not just in gymnastics, but also in total body control, Kati’s seminars are the way to go!

Niki Thompson, Coach/Manager of JH CrossFit

Kati’s class was a game changer for me! I’ve always struggled with gymnastics movements in CrossFit and never understood quite what I was doing wrong...until this weekend! I had several aha moments and now know what I need to work on and the correct positioning for each of the movements. Gymnastics is less of a mystery! Take this class if you get the opportunity!

Chase Chastain, Seminar Attendee

Kati did a video analysis on my ring muscle up technique, which I'm still working on. It was incredibly thorough and has helped me improve my gymnastics in general by doing it the right way. I was also part of her CrossFit Open 2018 group where we got tips for the open wods right after the announcements. Not only was it super helpful but we got to interact with an awesome community. Can't wait to see this grow even more!

Poala Dunaway, Video Analysis Client

Kati is currently working with me on achieving my first ring muscle up. We have been doing this via FaceTime. She is always on time with our appointment and her instruction is straight forward, easy to understand & always positive! She makes small adjustments to the movements we work on in the sessions & gives good drills to work on between sessions. She is the utmost professional & you can tell she wants to work with you to accomplish your goal! I highly recommend anyone thinking of trying out her FaceTime video training to give it a try, you won't be disappointed! (And I WILL get that ring muscle up)

John Sloan, Personal Training Client