The goal is not to move quickly or see how fast you can finish, but to make sure you're prioritizing quality movement, focusing on moving strictly and to the very best of your ability. I have the team follow the general rep scheme below, and will tailor numbers or exercises for girls who need more specific sessions. I recommend working these exercises 4-5 times per week.

2 Slow Rounds:
40 Theraband extensions
40 Theraband external presses
40 Theraband internal pulls
40 Theraband flexions


We spend 3:00 - 5:00 on each exercise:
1. Heel Raises: Double and Single Leg
2. Ankle Hops on a Soft Mat
3. Single Leg Landings (Sticks!)
4. Banded External Rotation
5. Single Leg Bounces to Stick (Trampoline)

Because all my gymnasts are at different stages, I will usually have a set block of time allocated to each exercise, rather than a specific number of reps. For single leg work, I have the gymnasts switch sides every few reps (either 5 or 10 reps) and continue working for the entire time.


These 4 exercises should be done at a very slow, very controlled pace, focusing on quality of movement. I recommend to my team they work these exercises 4-5 times per week.

3 Slow Rounds:
15 Heel Raises (Double and each single leg)
10 Internal and external presses (per side)
10 Single leg sticks (per side)
3 Sets: 5 Bounces to stick


My Level 7 gymnast sprained her ankle, so here’s a look at the exercises I suggested she work to help mobilize and strengthen her ankle back to health.

1. Gentle massage to break up inflammation
2. Alphabet tracing
3. Pit pick-up
4. Light banded extension and flexion


I had 7 ankle breaks during my career & these 3 exercises were a staple in each recovery. I recommend working each exercise on both ankles.

1. 1:00 Wobble board
2. 4 x 10 Lateral presses with a Theraband
3. 4 x 15 Slow heel raises

If nothing else, I HIGHLY recommend getting yourself therabands to keep at home, because you can use them for a thousand different things, and they’re super easy to travel with. The banded forward and lateral extensions have always been my favorite exercise to build strength back.