These follow along gymnastics workouts offer a variety of bodyweight, gymnastics inspired movements that are meant to improve plyometric explosiveness, bodyweight strength, agility, speed, and more!

Remember to note — these ladies are high level artistic gymnasts training high level skills! If you cannot perform any movement safely, please choose and use a modification during your practice.

Quick, Full Body 5:00 AMRAP

This 5:00​ AMRAP is meant to challenge every part of the body — Shoulders, legs, and core!

AMRAP x 5:00​

5 Push-Ups

5 Piked Handstand Rebounds

5 Rebounding Tuck Jumps

10 Hollow Rocks

The goal is to get through as many rounds as possible in the 5:00​, but most importantly, make sure you're focused on moving well, staying tight, hitting handstands, and practicing with perfect form!

18:00 EMOM of Plyometrics

Coaching Notes

18:00 bodyweight burner!

I had my Optional Team hold pieces of foam as they went through their scales and Russian twists to help reinforce shoulder extension and proper body positions, but you can do this totally equipment-free if needed!


EMOM x 18:00

Minute 1: 0:60 of Scales - Right Side

Minute 2: 0:60 of Scales - Left Side

Minute 3: 0:60 of Russian Twists

Minute 4: 0:60 of Push-Ups

Minute 5: 0:60 of Candlestick Rolls + Split Jumps (Alternate sides!)

Minute 6: 0:60 of Rest


Our goal: To go unbroken (no stopping!) through each “work” section, and only rest during the rest period. It’s hard, but do-able!

Focus on controlling your breathe, and moving at a pace that you can sustain over the full 18:00 — You definitely don’t want to sprint and risk burning out, so move at a moderate and consistent pace!

10:00 Strength Circuit

Coaching Notes

My Kokokahi Optional Team went through this spicy, plyometric circuit that challenged their explosiveness and how well they could control movements while fatigued.

Prop your phone up and workout alongside them to see how you do!


AMRAP x 10:00

10 Inchworm + Push Ups

10 Squat Jumps with Half Turns

20 Handstand Shoulder Taps

40 Rebounding Forward Kicks

10:00 Burpee Workout

Coaching Notes

This workout may be quick, but it's going to do its job and test your endurance in a big way!


EMOM x 10:00

Complete 12 burpees each minute


EMOM = "Every Minute on the Minute"

Like with all our sessions, you want to make sure you're focused on moving well, staying tight, and aiming to do 12 perfect burpees each minute!

Is it hard? Absolutely.

Is it possible? ABSOLUTELY!

30 Team Push-Ups

Coaching Notes

My Koko Optional Team has been working incredibly hard to build upper body strength, specifically in push-ups, that’s going to transfer into all our gymnastics skills - Especially on the uneven bars!

We often do these “Team Push-Ups” as a way to keep everyone accountable and reinforcing proper movement.

In this 8:30 minute session, we complete 3 sets of 10 reps each.

Prop your phone up and follow along with us!

16:00 EMOM Workout

Coaching Notes

This 16:00 conditioning session is an EMOM ("Every minute on the minute") and has three gymnastics exercises that will challenge not only your strength, but your balance, agility, and stamina.


EMOM x 16:00

Minute 1: 0:60 of Candlestick Rolls + Pistols

Minute 2: 0:60 of Rebounding Forward Kicks

Minute 3: 0:60 of Bodyweight Sit-Ups

Minute 4: 0:60 of Rest


The goal is to go all out at 100% effort during each of the work periods, and rest / recover during your break.

15:00 Conditioning Circuit

Coaching Notes

This 15:00 conditioning session has four bodyweight movements that are going to test different areas of your strength — Upper body, core, plyometric explosiveness.


AMRAP x 15:00

10 Lunge + Knee Drives - Right

10 Lunge + Knee Drives - Left

10 Push-Ups + Knee to Elbow

10 / Side Alligator Rolls + Tuck-Ups

10 Candlestick Rolls + Tuck Jumps


As with all our workouts, it's most important to focus on moving with integrity and keeping your effort high — You should be driving off the floor aggressively in the lunges, keeping your chest and legs off the floor as you do your alligator rolls (yes, even when it gets hard!), and jumping as high as possible on the tuck jumps, pulling your knees into your chest.

Your results are a direct reflection of your effort! You get out of these sessions what you put in — Go hard!