Video Analysis

Video Analysis

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Struggling with a skill? Let me help.

After sending me a video of your movement, I will produce a video where I get on camera, address your faults, tell you how you need to fix them, while providing any additional conditioning exercises and progressions designed to get you moving in the right direction.

Included: One video analysis includes creating a video production with three key elements: 

  1. Slowing down the skill video that you send me (into a slo-mo version so you can clearly see your movement), and pointing out your faults in an easily-digestible manner. I both write the entire analysis out with detailed photo breakdowns, and record myself talking you through the entire movement. 
  2. Providing you with skill progressions and drills that you need to train to improve your movement patterns, and 
  3. Strength exercises that, done daily, will improve your performance by increasing strength and mobility. 

The Goal: 

  • To make my analysis as clear, detailed, and as easily digestible as possible. I know gymnastics is a difficult sport, and I want to provide you with as much clarification as possible.
  • I pride myself on being as thorough, and clear as possible. I spend a lot of time producing a video that lets you know exactly what your faults are, and how you need to fix them. When you know what the problem is, it's much easier to correct! 


  • $165 per video analysis. 
  • Cost breakdown: This is not your typical video analysis. Each project takes between 5-6 hours from inception to completion.