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Video Analysis

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Struggling with a skill? Let me help.

How it works:

  1. You send me a video of yourself practicing the desired skill.
  2. I will recreate your video into an in-depth video analysis that you will always have private access to on YouTube.
  3. I will send you a link to your video analysis within two weeks.


What's included in the analysis:

  1. Fault Breakdown: I pinpoint everything that's going wrong, tell you why it's happening, and how to fix it.
  2. Future Training: I will tell you how to approach the skill and gymnastics training moving forward, in order to maximize total performance.
  3. Homework: I will provide you with strength and skill progressions to work on, based on your weaknesses.


What sets Kati's video analyses apart:

  1. Expert Coaching: I guarantee to find your faults, and clearly communicate how to improve them moving forward.
  2. Professional Production: The analysis will be like my own skill tutorials, but on steroids. Slo-mo footage, graphics, and on-screen text will give you a resource that is easy to understand and follow along with, so you know exactly what's happening, and how to fix it! Each analysis takes 4-6 hours in total to complete.