The 6-Week Gymnastics Overhaul

The 6-Week Gymnastics Overhaul

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The Breazeal Gymnastics 6-Week Overhaul is a program designed to improve gymnastics ability by challenging body-weight strength, mobility, and coordination through training artistic gymnastics exercises, focusing on the integrity of movement. 


Each week focuses on a specific functional gymnastics exercise, including both strength +  skill work in each of the three prescribed sessions. 

  • Week 1 Skill Focus: Inversions + Headstands
  • Week 2 Skill Focus: Handstand Holds
  • Week 3 Skill Focus: Handstand Walking
  • Week 4 Skill Focus: Handstand Push-Ups
  • Week 5 Skill Focus: Foundational Gymnastics Skills
  • Week 6 Skill Focus: Gymnastics Muscular Endurance


This program is for athletes who are: 

  1. Driven to improve their overall gymnastics and bodyweight performance,
  2. Prepared for the physical and mental challenges that associate with gymnastics training,
  3. Committed to completing all sessions per week— Gymnastics requires consistency!


The majority of movements in The 6-Week Overhaul are bodyweight-only, with select sessions requiring one pair of dumbbells.

These sessions can be completed at the gym, or at home, and are geared towards athletes of all levels as we focus on max-effort and virtuosity while moving. 

Scaling options are included for those who need progressions.


As a member of "The Overhaul", you will have access to our private Breazeal Gymnastics Team Facebook Group, where you will have direct access to Kati, and unreleased skill tutorial videos and additional workouts. 

True Coach Training Delivery:

You will have access to The 6-Week Overhaul on True Coach, a personal training platform that provides you with:

  1. An easy-to-read calendar of all training sessions where you can track progress and results,
  2. Movement Demonstrations by Kati for all exercises,
  3. The ability to upload videos of your workouts for feedback from Kati,
  4. The opportunity to communicate with Kati, asking questions and providing comments easily.


This program is designed to supplement regular fitness routines, for athletes of all levels.