Strengthening the Inconsistent Ring Muscle-Up

Strengthening the Inconsistent Ring Muscle-Up

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Are Ring Muscle-Ups a source of consistent frustration? Well, let's hit them head on and get to work! 

I have team up with 4x CrossFit Regional and 2x CrossFit Games' athlete, Jeff Vanlandingham, to bring you a program that covers everything you need to know to improve performance.

This program will challenge you. Embrace it. 

The Ring Muscle-Up is not a "I-can-train-it-once-a-week-and-be-fine" skill. It takes consistent practice, and lots of hard work. 

If you commit to the process, it will pay off, and you'll be thrilled with your end results. Guaranteed.


  • A 4-week strength program + ring muscle-up technique course to best prepare you to improve your single, or inconsistent ring muscle-ups.

▪️Training Sessions Include: 

  1. Warm-Up Mobility : By Kati Breazeal
  2. Skill Session : By Kati Breazeal
  3. Core Conditioning : By Kati Breazeal
  4. Strength Session : By Jeff Vanlandingham

▪️4 Technique Course Includes Video Lessons On:

  1. Maintaining Tension & How To Easily Generate Power
  2. Executing the Hips to Rings & Why It's Important
  3. How to Transition and Catch Effectively
  4. Connecting Reps of Muscle-Ups


  • The Ring Muscle-Up is arguably the most challenging functional fitness skill, and when you get your first, you want MORE! We are going to take your single, or inconsistent muscle-ups, and improve performance by increasing strength and perfecting the coordination-based technique.


  • 4-week strength program, with 3 training sessions per week.
  • The technique lessons are provided for you to work through at your own pace.
  • You will test your max set on Week 1, and re-test on Week 5.
  • Each session is approximately 40 minutes.


  • Those who have achieved their first ring muscle-up, and are working towards strengthening the movement and connecting more reps.


Please read:

DISCLAIMER: This program is NOT to be dowloaded and passed out to others, or used for classes (Talking to you, coaches!). Please respect the integrity of my work and business— This is for use by the customer ONLY. Action will be taken against those who do not follow the rules. No Excuses.