Ring Muscle-Up Program

Ring Muscle-Up Program

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Are you ready to work?

Co-programmed with 4x CrossFit Regional and 2x CrossFit Games' athlete, Jeff Vanlandingham, we've created a program to improve your Ring Muscle-Up performance, and increase your max unbroken set.


  1. What: 4-weeks of mobility, strength, and skill work 
  2. Sessions per week: 3
  3. Average session length: 35 minutes

    Each session includes: 

    1. Warm-Up + Mobility 
    2. Skill Work
    3. Core Conditioning
    4. Strength Circuit

    About the Technique Lessons:

    1. Total Lessons: 4
    2. Each lesson is an individual video with Kati and Jeff breaking down each important focus of Ring Muscle-Up training
    3. Each lesson includes the verbal delivery of information, as well as, movement demonstrations
    4. Designed to be watched before starting the program, in order to set you up for the most success possible

    Technique Lesson topics:

    1. "Maintaining Tension & How To Easily Generate Power"
    2. "Executing the Hips to Rings & Why It's Important"
    3. "How to Transition and Catch Effectively"
    4. "Connecting Reps of Muscle-Ups"

      Who is this program for?

      Those who have 1+ Ring Muscle-Ups, and want to improve consistency and connect more reps.


      DISCLAIMER: This program is NOT to be passed on to others, or used for classes. Customer use only.