Strengthening The Core: A 4-Week Program to Improve Body Weight Strength

Strengthening The Core: A 4-Week Program to Improve Body Weight Strength

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When the majority of people think of elite gymnastics, they think of a ripped 6-pack and freakishly strong body weight strength. The beauty of my core program, is that it mimics traditional, elite gymnastics conditioning, which will yield you the best, and strongest, results.

In my 4-week program, you will test at the beginning, and end, of the program, in order to track results and tangible progress. You will be completing a series of 6 core workouts per week (20 minutes), in addition to your normal fitness routine.

Includes: Links to private YouTube videos that show exercise demonstrations.

Equipment needed: Floor space, pull-up bar, parallettes (or, stacked bumper plates).

"When you train these core exercises properly, you may reduce pain in your shoulders, hips, and back. But, how? When your abs and/or hip flexors are weak, your body has to overcompensate by using other body parts, to perform a particular exercise. When your core and hip flexors are strong, your body is free to move with more strength, through larger ranges of motion, and more efficiently..."

This program requires that you train with 100% effort in each session. This is the only way to improve body weight strength. No short cuts. No laziness. No poor technique.

NOTE: This program is NOT to be downloaded and passed along to friends. Only the purchaser may follow this program. If I hear that you have downloaded the subject matter, and allowed someone else to use it, YOU WILL BE FOREVER BANNED AND BLOCKED FROM MY SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS, AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PURCHASE ANY TRAINING PROGRAMS IN THE FUTURE.