Core Strength Program

Core Strength Program

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When the majority of people think of elite gymnastics, they think of a ripped 6-pack and freaky bodyweight strength. 

But, why is a strong core important to gymnastics?

It allows us better control and use of our own bodies, which always results in improved performance during sport.


  1. What: 4-week program specific to strengthening your core
  2. Sessions per week: 6
  3. Average length per session: 20 minutes
  4. "The Kati Difference": Sessions follow traditional, elite gymnastics conditioning, which will yield you the best, and strongest, results


  1. Gymnastics Training overview: "Why should I focus on my core?"
  2. 4-Week strength program
  3. Access to movement video demonstrations

Equipment needed:

  1. Floor space
  2. Pull-up bar
  3. Parallettes, or, stacked bumper plates

"How will core strength help me?"

Ample core strength may reduce pain in your shoulders, hips, and back, because your body will be functioning correctly, easily activating the necessary muscle groups needed to perform any movement.

On the contrary, when your core and/or hip flexors are weak, your body then has to overcompensate by using other body parts to perform any particular exercise, which may results in injury, whether short or long term.


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