E-Book + Video: Improving Ankle Strength & Mobility

E-Book + Video: Improving Ankle Strength & Mobility

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I've compiled eight of my favorite ankle strength and mobility exercises to share with you. Performed on a daily basis, your ankles will become stronger and more mobile, which will improve your overall movement. 

In addition to the e-book, I have produced a video of demonstrations and in-depth explanations for each exercise. Video is included in the E-Book. 

"The first time I broke an ankle, I was 12 years young. The last? 22. 

During that 10 year span, I had a combined 7 breaks that left me with hours of training time spent rehabbing, strengthening, and mobilizing my ankles back to health.

Along the way, I picked up exercises from athletic trainers who knew how to get me back on the balance beam, as fast as possible. 

Then ankles are a hinge joint, with two planes of motion: dorsiflexion and plantar flexion. Immobility in this joint usually stems from a restriction in your dorsiflexion motion. The eight exercises in this program are designed to mobilize, strengthen, and stabilize your ankles, by moving them through full ranges of motion, while challenging their strength and durability.  

They've worked each time for me, and I recommend you try them for yourself..."