BG Seminar Notebook

BG Seminar Notebook

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This 35-page interactive notebook was our study guide for the 2020 Breazeal Gymnastics Seminars ($265), giving athletes a clear, tangible copy of all Kati's coaching notes.

Due to COVID-19, our gymnastics seminar season was cut short, and as a result, we get to offer the course notes to you!

These notebooks are high quality and professionally printed.


Gymnastics Topics Covered:

1. Basic Gymnastics Overview
2. Body Positions
3. The Handstand Hold
4. The Handstand Walk
5. The Kipping Handstand Push-Up
6. Pull-Up Bar Basics
7. Toes to Bar
8. The Kipping Pull-Up
9. the Butterfly Pull-Up
10. The Bar Muscle-Up
11. The Ring Muscle-Up

Each Skill Focus Includes:

1. Kati's movement explanation
2. Common faults
3. Step By Step walk through of how to do the skill
4. Drills, progressions, and accompanying explanations
5. Space to make athlete notes
6. QR codes to easily access video tutorials and tips!

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