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What is the 12 Month Membership?
Our 12 month membership allows unlimited access to the full Breazeal Training Club member's site, including all our daily workouts, training tools, skill programs, training plans, live gymnastics classes, maintenance library, and more, on a 12 month commitment that saves you money!


Who is the 12 Month Membership for?
Both beginner and advanced athletes who want to save money with an annual discount! The BTC membership offers resources and training tools for athletes of all levels, so no matter where you are in your gymnastics journey, you'll have plenty to keep you busy for the entire year! This membership is for athletes who know they want to fully commit to improving their gymnastics.


Am I saving money by getting the 12 Month Membership?
Yes! The 12 Month Membership is $18 per month, which means you will be saving 30% ($94!) as compared to the Monthly Membership ($26 / month).


How often am I billed for the 12 Month Membership option?
Every 12 months from day you register (i.e., no pro-rating ever needed!)


Can I cancel at anytime?
Yes, you may cancel your plan at any time.


If I cancel my membership through my bank or Paypal, will I still have access to my membership for the remainder of the month I paid for?
No, if you cancel your membership on your end, your access will be suspended. Please contact Kati@BreazealGymnastics.com to pause or cancel memberships without interruption!


Do you give refunds?
Due to the nature of online memberships, we do not offer refunds for any membership.