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If you don't have one already, please create a YouTube account and upload the competition/practice videos you'd like displayed on your website. Please title each video and include helpful information in the caption (Like: Meet names and dates, scores and results, skills shown in the video, etc.).

Important! When uploading each video to Youtube, please select the box "Not Made For Kids" in the settings of each video. This will make sure your videos play properly on your website.



Please choose 5+ photos you'd like to use for your website, following the criteria below. Be mindful to choose photos that are flattering and appropriate. A variety of athletic and lifestyle photos are welcomed!

• Must include at least 1 clear, unedited headshot
• Images should be crisp (avoid screenshots, blurriness, etc.)
• Landscape (horizontal) orientations are preferred
• Only submit photos you have the legal rights to
Please do not edit your images or remove backgrounds!

Email all photos to with your full name.



Once all of your content has been submitted, you will be added to the queue and I will keep you updated regarding the timeline and progress of your website — The faster you get your content submitted, the sooner work begins on your site!

Please make sure to read the FAQs below for important information on maintaining and updating your website.


★ How long should I expect to wait for my new website?

All websites are queued in order of completed registration and content submission. Please note that time frames are dependent on demand and your place in line. You will be notified of all updates regarding your website progress.

Custom Design Clients: Available for review in 7-10 days after all content is submitted.

Template Design Clients: Available for review in 3-5 days after all content is submitted.

What if I don't have enough photos to submit?

Simply grab your smartphone and take a few yourself! These days, smartphones have phenomenal camera capabilities that will give you great results. Pop on your competition attire to snap a few headshots, lifestyle pictures and handstands in front of a pretty background. It's as easy as that!

★ Should my photos be vertical or horizontal?

Horizontal (landscape) oriented photos are more universal and preferred.

★ I chose a Template Website - Can I request changes or additions to the design, layout and information that is shown?

Template websites are pre-designed creations that will be personalized to the athlete with: colors to match competition uniforms, plus the athlete's own information, photos and videos only. Changes to the design, layout, information displayed, etc. of a template website are not available.

I finished reviewing my new website, can I request changes before it's published?

Custom Design Clients: Heck yes! You're an important part of the design process as we create a totally unique website, so be specific with your change requests and email them over.

Template Design Clients: Once you receive your website for review, look it over to make sure everything is correct. With Template Designs, you have the freedom to change and update information, video links and photos only. Changes to the design, layout, format, etc. of the website are not available for the template option.

Am I allowed to update my website with new scores, photos and videos?

Absolutely! All content updates are included in your first 12 months. Send new competition results, photos and video links, anytime!

★ What email do I send my updates to?

Everything goes to:

Please include the athlete's name and be as specific as possible when emailing your updates and information. I will be able to better input your new content if I know exactly what it is.

★ How do I update my website with new videos?

Step 1: Upload the new videos to your personal Youtube account.

Step 2: Include a descriptive title and caption so I have all the information needed to add to your website.

(Example: Make sure to give each video a descriptive title and caption on Youtube. If it's a routine from a recent competition, include... a. the meet name, b. the meet dates and location, c. scores and results, etc.)

Step 3: Shoot me an email! Let me know that you've got new videos you'd like added to your website. Send it here:

★ I am training a ton of new skills this summer, should I send a video for each skill?

No. Instead, you'll create a simple compilation video per event!

For example, if you have been traing super hard on bars and have learned 3 new skills, you'll create an "Uneven Bars Summer Upgrades" compilation video that includes clips of you performing all 3 new skills.

Compilation videos are much easier for coaches to load and view, versus displaying too many short clips on your site, which can look messy and overwhelming.

★ How do I create a compilation video of my new skills?

It's super easy to create simple videos straight on your phone! Many athletes use iMovie, or other video editing apps. Videos should be simple, showing quick clips of all your new skills only. No need to be fancy or complicated when editing!

★ How often can I send in compilation videos of my new skills?

Create as many videos as you'd like, as often as you'd like — Monthly, weekly, even daily if you can keep up! As a new website client, you are welcome to submit new videos whenever you like.

★ I have videos from my recent competition, how should I send them to you?

First, upload each video to your YouTube account and label it with the appropriate title and description. Next, email me to let me know you have new videos uploaded. I'll update your website with them ASAP!

★ Will my website be automatically updated after my competitions?

No. Athletes are responsible for submitting new scores, photos, videos, etc. after a competition. All you have to do is send me an email with your results, photos and/or videos you'd like to post from the competition, and I'll update your website ASAP!

★ My website is already published, but I'd like to make a few changes to how it looks. Can I request changes to the design?

Once you approve your website and it is published, changes to the design of your website are available for an additional fee. Contact me for more details.

★ I have had my website for 1 year. Now what happens?

For both custom and template websites, a $60 annual maintenance fee goes into effect after the first year. This covers all your scoring, photo, video and stat updates for your next competition season! We’ll send you a reminder closer to your anniversary date.

★ I don't need my website anymore. What do I do?

Email to cancel your site's annual maintenance, anytime.



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