Online Team Training

The Breazeal Gymnastics Online Team is a program designed to improve gymnastics ability by targeting body-weight strength, mobility, and challenging coordination through training artistic gymnastics exercises, with a focus on movement integrity.

Especially in gymnastics, the coach-athlete relationship is very important and built on trust. Before training begins, we will chat over video call to discuss your short and long term goals, current ability level, and why you are interested in gymnastics training. 

From there, I will be able to better tailor the program to your specific needs.


Each week, you’ll complete 3 training sessions which include: 

  • A) Warm-Up + Mobility: Stretches to improve flexibility and prepare you for gymnastics movements
  • B) Strength Circuit: Gymnastics-based conditioning to improve your overall bodyweight strength
  • C) Specific Skill Training: Individualized based on your specific goals

Average length of session: 30-45 minutes (based on your pace).


True Coach is a personal training platform that provides you with:

  1. Training Calendar: Sessions sent weekly so you know what to expect
  2. Progress Tracking: The proof is in the pudding — Data track workouts and results to see progress over time
  3. Exercise Demos: Movement demonstrations are a click away
  4. Video Upload: Record a clip of each movement and upload to the daily workout for analysis
  5. Easy Communication: I will provide you with training feedback for each session via video upload — We will also have the ability to chat through messenger and comments.


  1. Wanting to improve specific skill(s) and overall ability.
  2. Prepared for the physical and mental challenges that associate with gymnastics training.
  3. Committed to completing all sessions per week— Gymnastics requires consistency!



Consistency and effort — That’s the secret sauce.

One of the biggest misconceptions about the sport of gymnastics, is thinking that the daily training is as flashy and exciting as what you may see on TV, or at the Olympics. Looks super fun, right?! Well, it is, once the work has been put in!

What most people don’t know, is how monotonous this sport can be — Doing the same movement over and aver again, until you can do it perfectly anytime, anywhere, under any circumstance.

Gymnastics is based on precision and small degrees of change — that in turn produce big results — which means each body position, degree of movement, and even timing of muscular engagement needs to be as flawless as possible, in order to contribute to the greater good - Your movement. 

It’s about your entire body functioning as one cohesive unit, in order to move as efficiently and easily as possible.

To do this, we start by targeting your bodyweight strength and awareness. You need to first be able to simply control yourself as you move through space, before building to high level skills. This will set you up for the most success possible. I guarantee you that.