Level 1 Online Training

About The Sessions:

I will provide you with two workouts per week, ranging from 45 to 60 minutes. Each session includes a warm-up and mobility portion, gymnastics conditioning, and specific skill work.

  • Goal:

I offer online gymnastics programming to those who are looking to improve their gymnastics ability, focusing on body and spacial awareness, & increasing strength, coordination, balance, and mentality. I design my programs around learning Functional Fitness Gymnastics skills, from an artistic gymnastics approach. We work on strengthening your foundational gymnastics ability, so you can improve the way you perform high level skills.

  • Workout Lengths: 

40-60 minutes. The sessions are designed to be completed in addition to a general fitness routine.

  • FitBot:

We will use the program FitBot to deliver workouts, communicate, and upload videos. FitBot keeps our online training streamlined.

  • Workout Schedule: 

I will post your workouts on Monday and Tuesday of each calendar week. Depending on your scheduled, you may complete the workouts when they work for you.

  • Cost: 

$55/month. No penalty for cancellations. 


As my newest member, you would be joining a team of committed athletes who are truly dedicated to improving their bodyweight and gymnastics ability, and that's all I ask of you. I love working with athletes who give their full effort, day in and day out.