Gymnastics Training 2x Per Week

About Online Training:

I will provide you with two workouts per week, ranging from 45 to 60 minutes. Each session includes a warm-up and mobility portion, gymnastics conditioning, and specific skill work.

  • Goal:

I offer online gymnastics programming to those who are looking to improve their gymnastics ability, focusing on body and spacial awareness, & increasing strength, coordination, balance, and mentality. I design my programs around learning CrossFit Gymnastics skills, from an artistic gymnastics approach. We work on strengthening your foundational gymnastics ability, so you can improve the way you perform muscle-ups (also, we do quite a lot of muscle-ups in training).

  • Constant Communication: 

The major component that sets my program apart from others is the constant communication and video analysis that we will share. I will provide you with demonstration videos of each exercise I have you do, and you will, in turn, video yourself performing any movements that you have trouble with, so I can take a look, and give you feedback as to how to execute the drill more efficiently. You will send me the video of your movements, and I will provide you with feedback as to how you need to improve your movement. 

  • Workout Lengths: 

40-60 minutes

  • FitBot:

We will use FitBot to deliver workouts, communicate, and upload videos. FitBot keeps our online training streamlined, and makes it easy to analyze video and provide feedback.

  • Workout Schedule: 

I will post your workouts on Monday and Tuesday of each calendar week. Depending on your scheduled, you may complete the workouts when they work for you.

  • Cost: 



As my newest member, you would be joining a team of committed athletes who are truly dedicated to improving their bodyweight and gymnastics ability, and that's all I ask of you. I love working with athletes who give their full effort, day in and day out.