The goal for my library of follow along workouts, is to provide quick, simple strength sessions with (mostly) bodyweight exercises that will directly impact your gymnastics ability.

These workouts will challenge your overall strength, mobility, coordination, balance, and so much more... under fatigue! Because let's be real, you're never going to feel totally fresh and energized before every routine or competition. You've got to know how to execute your gymnastics movements with tired and sore muscles.

Whether you're an artistic gymnast or functional fitness athlete, focus on moving with integrity, prioritizing quality over quantity. Don't go for the high score at the expense of your execution. How you perform each rep is just as important as the number of reps you get in.


Follow along workouts that focus solely on the core! The exercises are primarily bodyweight movements, because the idea is to simplify training that will have a huge impact on your gymnastics ability. Knock these sessions out easily at home!

The key? Consistency! When you're consistent with bodyweight and core strength training, you'll experience major results in your performance. No excuses.


Try these follow along workouts at home! The focus is primarily on bodyweight exercises designed to build strength and challenge mobility, which will directly impact your gymnastics ability.

The most important key to remember? Move with integrity! Gymnastics is about how well an athlete can execute a skill. Whether you're an artistic gymnast or functional fitness athlete, prioritize proper movement over chasing high scores.


These follow along gymnastics workouts offer a variety of bodyweight, gymnastics inspired movements that are meant to improve plyometric explosiveness, bodyweight strength, agility, speed, and more!

Remember to note — these ladies are high level artistic gymnasts training high level skills! If you cannot perform any movement safely, please choose and use a modification during your practice.