Try these follow along workouts at home! The focus is primarily on bodyweight exercises designed to build strength and challenge mobility, which will directly impact your gymnastics ability.

The most important key to remember? Move with integrity! Gymnastics is about how well an athlete can execute a skill. Whether you're an artistic gymnast or functional fitness athlete, prioritize proper movement over chasing high scores.

20:00 Chipper

This session is a 10 round chipper that takes about 20:00 and will challenge a few different gymnastic skill modalities!

10 Rounds:
5 Kipping Handstand Push-Ups + 0:10 hold at the top
5 / Side Single Arm Ring Rows
5 / Side Pistols or pistol progressions
10 V-ups

I chose to do a pistol progression using the rings, because I wanted to make sure I was moving properly through the full range of motion.

Feel free to sprinkle in modifications where needed, to help you focus on training each skill correctly and safely!

15:00 EMOM with Max Wall Walks

Coaching Notes

This session is a 15:00 bodyweight workout you can do at home to challenge your gymnastics!


EMOM x 15:00

Minute 1: Max Wall Walks

Minute 2: Max (2 Bodyweight Lunges + 2 Jumping Lunges)

Minute 3: Max Toes to Sky


Need a sub for wall walks? Try one of these:

1. Plank wall steps (Only one step on the wall)

2. Plank Up - Downs

3. Plank Shoulder Taps

4. Inchworm + 2 Push-Ups

5. Box Handstand Walks

The goal is to continually move for the entire 15:00, getting as many reps in per exercise, as possible.

Make sure to move with control and tension (tightness!) during your wall walks, especially as you get tired!

Gymnastics is about teaching your body how to still maintain control under fatigue — But before you can actually do it, you've got to practice! Don't be afraid of the burn. Embrace the process!

10:00 of Max Out Exercises

Coaching Notes

Prop up your phone and follow along with me through this quick 10:00 conditioning session!

Most of the exercises are bodyweight, but I do use some weight for select exercises.

Don't have equipment? You can still do this workout! Do what I do and make your own — Grab some water bottles and stuff them into a bag (duffle, back pack, etc.), and boom! You've got yourself some DIY fitness equipment!

Here's the session details: THE WORKOUT

10:00 of max reps on each movement:

1. 1:00 Inchworm + Push-Up + Knee to Elbow

2. 1:00 Lunge Right + Lunge Left + Squat

3. 1:00 Single Leg V-Ups

4. 1:00 Handstand Hold

5. 1:00 Weighted Burpee + Power Clean + Squat

6. 1:00 Elevated Split Squat - Right

7. 1:00 Elevated Split Squat - Left

8. 1:00 Handstand Shoulder Taps

9. 1:00 Tempo Scissor Kicks

10. 1:00 6 High Knees + Tuck Jump


I'll show you movement demos before we start, so you know exactly what to do.

Grab some water, get your music ready (I intentionally left background music out of this video so you could put on your own jams) and let's do it!

10:00 of Plyometrics and Handstands

Coaching Notes

This bodyweight session is a 10:00 AMRAP that will challenge your speed and explosiveness — plus your handstands, because this is a gymnastics workout, after all!


AMRAP x 10:00

5 x Squat + Squat Jumps

5 x Strict Burpees + 10 Mountain Climbers

5 x Kneeling Jumps

5 x Tuck Press to Handstand

15 Hollow Rocks


How many rounds can you get through in the 10:00? Prop up your phone and move alongside me!

NOTE: There's an error in the video — Oops! While it may say "5:00" on one of the graphics, this is a 10:00 session!

3 Rounds of Coordination & Strength

Coaching Notes

This session is going to challenge your spatial awareness just as much as your muscular strength and endurance.



10 Candlestick Rolls + Jump Full Turn (5 / Direction)

10 Switch Jumping Lunges (5 / Side)

10 Bent Over Rows

10 Squats

20 Oblique Crunches - Right

20 Hollow Pulses

20 Oblique Crunches - Left


The biggest tip I can give you here, is to remind you to focus on your quality of movement, versus rushing through the rounds.

The first two movements, especially, require more focus and intention than normal, because there's a coordination component to each that will really challenge how well you can control your body in space.

You can do this!

EMOM x 12 American Swings & Burpees

Coaching Notes

I like being able to workout with a buddy, because it’s always so much easier to push a little harder. Right? Well, sometimes you’re playin’ it Hans Solo and don’t have a workout partner.

So, I want to help. As much as I can, I’ll be posting WOD-With-Kati videos where you can prop up your phone, and train with me. Unedited, no music, just beeps so you know when to go, and can still listen to your own tunes.

More posted to the Breazeal Gymnastics YouTube.


EMOM X 12:

Every minute complete 10 American Swings and 5 Burpees


Can’t wait to see y’all joining me!

10-1 Descending Ladder

Coaching Notes

Join me for a 14:00 HOME / NO EQUIPMENT bodyweight workout that you can do anywhere you want to break a sweat.

It's simple, just not easy.


10 - 1 of Each Movement:

"Strict" Burpees

Jumping Lunges

Standing "Strict" Leg Lifts

Hollow Rocks


Basically, you'll start by doing 10 reps of each movement in the first round. When you finish, you'll do 9 reps of each movement. Then 8 reps.... get it?

I finished the entire workout in 14:00, focusing on moving with control and keeping my positions as tight as possible.

Because, quality of movement is more important that how fast you go! Slow it down. Move well. Create good habits. Win.