Follow along workouts that focus solely on the core! The exercises are primarily bodyweight movements, because the idea is to simplify training that will have a huge impact on your gymnastics ability. Knock these sessions out easily at home!

The key? Consistency! When you're consistent with bodyweight and core strength training, you'll experience major results in your performance. No excuses.

5:00 Hollow Rocks Challenge

How many hollow rocks can you accumulate in 5:00?

This core strength session is focused around knowing how to push, and how to rest.

The Workout: AMRAP x 5:00

Max, unbroken sets of 5 hollow rocks

Which means, yes, you can only count the sets where you complete 5 unbroken reps in a row.

If you get tired and rest on hollow rock #3, don't count the set! How many do you think you can get?

10:00 AMRAP

Coaching Notes

Spend 10:00 with the Kokokahi Optional Team as they move through this quick core burner!

Here's the session breakdown:


AMRAP x 10:00

50 Plank Hip Taps

50 Tuck-Ups

50 Arch-Ups with Hands Behind Head


PS: "AMRAP" means "As Many Rounds As Possible" — So, we're setting our timer for 10:00 and working to get as many rounds and reps as we can before time runs out!

5:00 of Max Reps

Coaching Notes

This 5:00 core session has two movements that require some mental focus — With both, you're going to have to pay attention to your form to make sure you're moving correctly to maximize benefits!


5:00 for Max Reps:

20 (Total) Plank Knee to Elbow

40 Arch Pulses


With the plank knee to elbows, you want to engage the shoulders by pressing firmly through the hands and rounding the upper back, then controlling your leg and holding your knee to your elbow for 1 second with each rep. Make sure to keep your booty squeezed and hips rounded under for a flat lower back!

On the arch pulses, pull your shoulders blades together and elbows back with each lift, and you're going to feel a much more intense burn.

3:00 of Single Leg V-ups

Coaching Notes

The workout:

3:00 of max single leg v-ups!

This exercise is a great way to help build core and hip flexor strength, which we need for virtually all gymnastics skills!

The Keys:

1. Start (and always move through) a fully extended position on the floor.

2. Sit up lifting your chest and both arms simultaneously.

3. As you lift one straight leg up in the air, try to keep your second leg on the floor.

4. Touch each foot with both hands at the top (some of the girls need work on this!).

5. Try to keep a neutral spine (don't round!) for better core engagement Follow along with us as we knock out this simple and spicy session!

2 Sets of 2:30 Max Outs

Coaching Notes

This core session has two exercises that you're going to max out on for 2:30 minutes each. It's fast, which means you need to give 110% effort, when when it starts to burn!


The Workout: 5:00 Total

2:30 Max 3-Way Plank Hip Taps

2:30 Max Tucked Hollow Hold + Leg Extensions


Here are the keys:


1. Set up in a plank on your elbows so you can easily maneuver from side to side.

2. As you lean one hip to the ground, make sure to keep pressing tall through the shoulders and brace the lower back by rounding the hips under and squeezing your booty.

3. Most importantly, hit a STRONG plank position (extended shoulders, slightly rounded upper back, rounded hips, flat lower back, squeezed glutes and legs) after every single rep: Right - middle - left - middle, etc. It's this "middle" plank that will really get you those gains!


1. Press your lower back into the floor by extending arms to the sky and rounding the hips under.

2. Legs will be at about a 90 degree angle.

3. Without moving your upper body, extend one leg straight at a time until it hovers just above the ground, then return to the tucked position.

4. Most importantly, try to "rest" in your tucked hollow to keep the core engaged! Is it much harder? Absolutely. Is it doable? Yes!

You got this! Be sure to let me know how you do!

5:00 Ascending Ladder

Coaching Notes

This core strength session is a 5:00 AMRAP with two movements — Bodyweight sit ups and arch rocks.

You'll start at 2 reps of each exercise, and with every round, you'll increase your sets by +2.

For example:

Round 1 = 2 Sit ups + 2 arch rocks

Round 2 = 4 Sit ups + 4 arch rocks

Round 3 = 6 Sit ups + 6 arch rocks

You'll continue this pattern for the entire 5:00 and see how many rounds you can get!

5:00 of Max Reps

Coaching Notes

This 5:00 core strength session only has ONE exercise for the entire time — Hollow + alternating heel taps!

Once you watch the intro of the video, you should notice how my pace is much slower than you may have anticipated. Don't worry, it's a tactical decision — I would rather you move more slowly, if it means you're staying as tight as possible and moving more consistently (less breaks). This is how you'll reap so many more strength benefits!

Things to think about:

1. Keep shoulders extended and upper back off the ground by reaching high for the sky.

2. Keep lower back in contact with the ground by rounding hips under and pressing your lower back firmly down.

3. Keep legs tight and controlled, only moving one at a time.

For such a simple movement, there are a ton of things to think about, so slow your pace, and focus on quality over quantity!

5:00 AMRAP

Coaching Notes

This core strength session is a 5:00 AMRAP with 3 movements, doing 30 reps per movement.

Be careful.... You're going to challenge your abs, AND your balance.... in true gymnastics style :)


AMRAP x 5:00

30 Tuck + Leg Extensions

30 Plank Hip Taps

30 Arch Pulses


Think you can get through more rounds than me?? Prop your phone up, follow along, and let's find out!

10:00 of 10 Exercises

Coaching Notes

Prop up your phone and train alongside the Level 6 - 10 Kokokahi gymnasts as they take on this 10:00 core workout.

Focus on quality positions, staying as tight as possible, and moving for the entire 0:30 work period.


CORE WORKOUT: 0:30 of Work and 0:30 of Rest for Each Exercise

1. Hollow Rocks

2. Arch Hold

3. Flutter Kicks

4. Arch Rocks

5. Tuck-Ups

6. Arch-Ups

7. Single Leg V-Ups

8. Plank Hip Taps

9. Arch Rocks

10. Scissor Kicks

5:00 AMRAP

Coaching Notes

This Core Workout" is a 5:00 AMRAP that will get your abs burning after the first round.

What does "AMRAP" mean? "As many rounds and reps as possible".

So basically, we're setting our clock for 5:00, and working the entire time through the scheme below:


AMRAP x 5:00

20 Toes to Sky

20 Toe Touch Crunches

0:20 Arch Hold


Once you get through each of the three exercises, you're going to start all over again, round after round, for the entire 5:00!