Strict Pull-Up Program

Strict Pull-Up Program

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The pull-up requires a dedicated strength & general fitness plan. Waiting for the word ‘pull-up’ to appear every once in a while in your workout isn’t going to cut it. You need a strategical strength program that will simulate actual pull-ups, and strengthen the muscles in this specific movement pattern.

My 4-week conditioning program is designed to improve your overall bodyweight & pulling strength.

With each training session, you will find yourself one step closer to successfully achieving your first strict pull-up. 

Duration: 4-week program, 4 workouts per week. 

Training Sessions: Approximately 30 minutes (this program is designed to be completed in addition to your normal fitness routine).

Who is this program for? Anyone looking to improve their bodyweight & pulling strength, especially those working towards their strict pull-up. 

Equipment Required: Pull-up bar, floor space, dumbbells, elastic bands, small metal plates.

New and improved format! View the program from your mobile device, and easily click on movement demonstrations when you need a refresher.