The Breazeal Gymnastic's Impact

This “job” still feels like a dream, every single day.

“Last week, after attending your seminar, Adela and I were talking to each other, how inspiring it is what you do.

You shared some difficult things with us on your career, and we walked out of the session just thinking: you are so much more than a (exceptional) gymnastics coach.

You are improving people’s lives, you help them to get better, you share your knowledge and experience.

You make a difference. And no one asked you to do it, you do it because you want to.

We are both happy to have met you, and can’t wait to see what’s next for Breazeal Gymnastics.”

Thank you @christophmues for such incredibly kind words. I’m the lucky one to have met you two.

(Also, I love the differences in our facial expressions😭🤣)

📍Seminar at @iconic_fitness_dxb
🌍Dubai, UAE