Kati's Gymnastics Story

By no means did I always have a healthy relationship with this sport.

And it’s funny that since starting Breazeal Gymnastics 1.5 years ago, I feel as though I’m coming to terms with my career, & getting closure for what I considered to be a lack-luster ending.

These photos were taken my Junior year of college. I look like I’m in pretty good shape, right?

(That’s why you should always look at pictures on the internet with a grain of salt.)

I was really quite the opposite. 11% body fat, pissed off, frustrated, and hurt.

I struggled with my weight the year before, & knew I needed to take drastic measures to “fix” myself.

My Junior-year-body was the result of 1 6-inch Subway sub (wheat bread, grilled chicken, all veggies) per day (that was it), excessive running & stair sprints, and constant self-criticism.

I was not a person you wanted to be around.

Growing up, gymnastics was hard. And instead of dealing with my emotions in a healthy way, my instinct was to push them down & keep going. Well guess what, that’s the WORST thing you could possibly do.

This lead to an indifferent, unhealthy, broken collegiate athlete who didn’t give two shits about gymnastics going into college. I chalked it up to, “well this is just who I am”.

But after years of self-reflection, I know that isn’t true.

It was the result of dealing with my surroundings in a completely toxic way. Instead of asking for help & support from loved ones, I internalized & tried to push through to take care of myself (& at 13 years old, mind you).

This lead to isolating close friends, bad choices, & having a very dim outlook on life.

Who knew that at 27 years old, I would be thankful for those hard years.

Thankful because I now have the opportunity to share my story, & help someone else who struggles, & doesn’t see a way out.

👉🏾Frustrated with yourself? I’ve been there.
👉🏾Look in the mirror & hate what you see? I’ve been there.
👉🏾Feel like giving up because what’s the point? I’ve been there.
This last year and a half building Breazeal Gymnastics has proven to be the experience I always hoped for in my gymnastics career.
Last weekend, I lead a seminar in Derby, Kansas, & met a man who changed my life.

He came to me after, & told me about his experience growing up & playing high-level sports.

The frustration. The emotional abuse. The darkness.

He thanked me for using my experiences to help others, & praised me for not letting my past be a crutch.

I don’t write that with the goal of getting “oh Kati you’re so great blah blah blah”, but to tell you that right then, my purpose in life became so clear my heart started racing.

I’m thankful for hardships because I can fully relate to anyone struggling with depression, food, “not living up to your potential”, body image, and just general self-loathing.

I went through it. I got out of it. I want to help someone else.

Gymnastics is now my medium to do so many things:

🔅Love on others

🔅Praise others
🔅Make others feel worthy & accepted
🔅Validate others
🔅Help others experience things they never thought they were capable of

Learning a bar muscle-up is just a bonus. I want my gymnastics to be a light, a positive experience, & to use it as a vehicle to truly change someone’s life for the better.

The world needs more kindness and compassion, & I hope to bring it to everyone I meet.

That’s my goal, & I’m excited to do it.

Thanks for reading.
“God demonstrates his own love for us in this- that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8. This was my first tattoo during college because I needed the constant reminder.